Women Testosterone Replacement

Benefits of Women Testosterone Replacement


The hormonal health in both men and women is a topic that should be discussed more frequently. But being aware of the importance of each hormone and how it dictates the proper functioning of your body is crucial. The hormonal balance is often disturbed as your body ages, and the testosterone levels in women are affected by this change. 

Today, we are here to inform you about why this hormone is so important by highlighting its most notable benefits:

Hair growth

One of the most common symptoms of testosterone imbalance is hair loss. Balancing it out can help you improve hair regrowth, and this works by thickening the follicles and preventing further hair loss. This doesn't mean that you'll start growing hair in places it shouldn’t be; on the contrary – it will only be reinforced where it previously was. 

Skin appearance

As you age, your natural collagen production diminishes, causing your skin appearance to change by creating wrinkles and sagging. Women testosterone replacement therapy supports collagen production, thus reducing the early wrinkle appearance, and helping your skin look more radiant. 


You probably already know that testosterone plays a vital role in both increasing and maintaining muscle mass and strength. Muscle weakness is one of the most common symptoms of decreased levels of women's testosterone, indicating that proper action is needed in order to regain strength and help you return to doing your everyday activities at a normal pace.

We hope this article has reached its goal of raising awareness regarding how keeping the optimal testosterone level can benefit your health. If you’re interested in hormone testing, feel free to reach out and book a consultation. We offer salvia and blood testing that will help us evaluate your hormone levels and decide on a proper action plan.

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