Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: Are pellets a good option for you?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: Are pellets a good option for you?

Testosterone Replacement and Estrogen replacement the natural way

Holts Healthcare Pain & Wellness is committed to helping men and women to restore and maintain their health, vitality, sexuality, and therefore mental health. One of the keys to maintaining health is supplementing hormones in the early stages of hormonal decline. We choose to prescribe bioidentical hormones, i.e., hormones that have the same molecular structure as the body’s natural hormones. These are available as patches, topical creams, lozenges, pills, vaginal inserts, and subcutaneous hormone pellets. We prefer the subcutaneous pellet because of their steady dosage and convenience.

Testosterone decline in men

Testosterone, an androgenic hormone produced by the testicles, is a man’s primary sex hormone. Men experience a decline in vitality when their testosterone levels decline beginning in their 40s, with noticeable symptoms in their 50s. This natural occurrence is called andropause or Low-T. It is associated with erectile dysfunction, fatigue, low libido, irritability, sleep disturbance, weight gain, reduced muscle mass, loss of stamina, and generally diminished enjoyment of life. Low-T is also associated with higher risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, low bone mineral density, diabetes, and abnormal serum lipids. Studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy can relieve these symptoms of testosterone deficiency, reduce inflammation, and prevent the mentioned chronic diseases.

Estrogen decline in women

As women grow older, their reproductive years end, and the ovaries stop the manufacture of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. Unfortunately, this natural stage in life, called menopause, leads to typical symptoms such as the end of menstruation, hot flashes, sleep disruptions, weight gain, vaginal dryness leading to pain during sex, more frequent urination, low bone density, fatigue, mood swings, general depression, foggy brain, poor concentration, decreased muscle tone, and low libido. Clinical studies have confirmed many times that hormone replacement therapy will relieve these symptoms, leading to a better quality of life. To successfully overcome these symptoms, you need a treatment plan that is customized to your body and the symptoms that you have.

Bioidentical testosterone therapy

Custom compounded bioidentical testosterone pellets contain concentrated testosterone that is chemically identical to naturally occurring testosterone. Each testosterone pellet is slightly larger than a grain of rice. We insert it under the fatty tissue in the upper hip or flank, where it slowly releases the hormone into the bloodstream. The procedure is quite simple and it takes only a few minutes. We begin by numbing the skin, then we make a tiny incision that will not even need a stitch to close it. The pellet will dissolve over 4-6 months, after which you can come back for replacement. This method of testosterone replacement is efficient, gradual, and consistent, making it superior to other methods. It effectively relieves symptoms of testosterone deficiency, and hardly has any side effects.

Bioidentical estrogen therapy

Custom compounded bioidentical estrogen pellets contain concentrated estrogen that is chemically identical to naturally occurring estrogen. Each pellet is about the size of a grain of rice. Many women consider hormone pellet therapy to be a superior method or receiving hormones, which is why we perform this therapy every day in our offices. We begin by numbing the skin, then we make a tiny incision in the fatty tissue on the hip that will not require any stitches. This is where we will insert the pellets. The procedure takes a few minutes. As the pellet dissolves, it slowly releases the hormone into the bloodstream. This allows the body to receive a consistent dose of the hormone 24 hours a day, controlling all the symptoms of menopause. It takes 3-5 months for the pellets to completely dissolve, and you have to come back to our office for another dose.

Advantages of pellets

• Your menopausal andropause symptoms are relieved effortlessly.

• The hormones are available 24/7, without having to take a pill or apply a cream.

• The hormones are absorbed into the blood directly, bypassing the liver and the digestive system.

• The pellets last several months in which you don’t have to worry.

• Your body controls the release of the hormone depending on whether you are active or relaxed.

Risks and side effects

Bioidentical testosterone and estrogen pellets are FDA-monitored but not approved in the USA. However, this therapy has been used for decades in Australia and Europe and there is enough clinical evidence that it works effectively and safely. It is now being used more in the United States as American men and women ask for more convenient ways of receiving hormone therapy. The process of inserting the pellet is low risk, something that we do in our office on a daily basis. Procedure-related risks include infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling, pain, extrusion of pellets, or scarring.


The gradual delivery of hormones into the blood means consistency of dose, and therefore prevents any side affects you are likely to suffer from due to creams, patches, or injectable and oral hormones.


Testosterone therapy may shrink the testes, and decrease sperm count and infertility.

That is why it mostly suits older men experiencing a decline in testosterone. Should you decide to have children, you may have to stop this therapy to allow your sperm count to increase, which might take more than a year. You may also experience thinning of hair on your head and have enlarged breasts though such cases are few.

Consultation and evaluation for hormone pellet therapy

The first thing that we do is to have a compete hormone pellet therapy consultation. This is where we discus and evaluate your symptoms, and also perform laboratory tests for baseline hormone levels and other indicated tests. We normally insert the pellets during the second office visit where we discuss the lab results.


Our introductory prices are $600 for women $1200 for men which includes labs, monthly medication. ***salvia kits are available for $200, which are at-home kits Some insurers decide what they will and will not cover with regard to hormone replacement therapy, depending on whether the specific therapy is FDA approved. Many bioidentical hormone therapies are not FDA approved, so they are generally not covered by insurance. So, if you specifically want bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, ask your insurer directly before you seek treatment.

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