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Linked to a drop in estrogen levels caused by aging, atrophic vaginitis is a condition common among postmenopausal women. Such estrogen loss leads to atrophy, resulting in vaginal dryness and discomfort, breast tenderness, brain fog, moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms. Formulated to boost estrogen levels, this medicinal topical makes the changes associated with menopause much more manageable. This is a patient specific product, more information required

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Customer Reviews

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Seems to work I have never felt better and now it is very easy to lose and control my weight.

Seems to work I have never felt better and now it is very easy to lose and control my weight Been using it for about 30 days.

Ririe Fikriani
This stuff works!

Easy to apply… I know it works because I get a bit cranky when applied.

Jeniffer Christopher
Water reduction in the skin and spot fat reduction!

I've used other similar products for leaning out my legs (especially glutes and hammies since I compete) - this stuff is pretty great. Obviously, your diet needs to be in check to notice a substantial difference, but I will say after using this (morning and night) the back of my legs and glutes look much leaner and tighter - which makes sense because those areas tend to hold onto fat and water due to estrogen dominance. Definitely plan on using this for competition preps in the future!

Nesa Marcil
Works for me

I am a male and suffered from chest fat due to poor food choices, and in the past 4 months of changing my diet (NO SOY) and exercise my chest fat would still be there. I can tell you that from using this product for just 1 week, I have noticed that the lower portion of my chest shrunk and has started to show some definition, but just a little bit. I will continue to use this product and update any changes further......

Anjali Loharuka
Life saver!

Excellent product fie estrogen dominant. I will be a forever client :) Amazing!

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