Relax Bath Bomb BOGO

Relax Bath Bomb BOGO

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Relax, refresh and refocus. Infused with concentrated doses of therapeutic plant oils and natural extracts, this fizzy bath bomb is an aromatherapy bath bomb strategically formulated to promote total mind and body relaxation before bedtime. Muscle tension, stiffness and soreness are eased and lessened as the refreshing aromas of lavender, peppermint and lemon oil invigorate the senses to help the mind unwind. Toss the lavender bath bomb into bathwater, hop in and surrender yourself to its healing powers in preparation for the best sleep you’ve ever had. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brooke Haggermaker
smell good

Bath bombs smell so good, I like all the different scents. You can smell them before opening the box. They bubble up a lot and give off tons of soap and a nice scent. Definitely great for bath time.

Justin Allison
Like these

I like the scents of the two bath bombs I've tried so far.
Easy to use. Just put it in a tub of water and the bomb will do the rest of the work.
I didn't have any ring on my tub. Maybe different water hardness makes a difference with that.
I like the scent that fills my bathroom as I'm laying in the tub and just relaxing.
Does leave my skin feeling soft and silky.

Amy Zahirski
Excellent gift quality

This is one of the better gift bath bomb sets I've seen. The bath bombs are larger in size and well-wrapped individually. Great variety of scents, which aren't too strong or overpowering. They lightly fizz when they hit the water and stop once dissolved. The Epsom salts in them soothe your skin and give you a great night's sleep. Skin is also very moisturized afterward. Highly recommend.

Nancy Perez
Great Bath Bombs - Very Fragrant, Fun Colors

We like these bath bombs - they are beautifully packaged and each one is individually wrapped. They have creative names that are really cute! The bath bombs smell very fragrant and the smell stays in the tub too. They dissolve well and are great for relaxing. Plus they don't leave too much of a mess or ring afterward. Definitely recommend these!

Oodles of bubbles

This set of bath bombs comes nicely packaged for gift-giving. When you open the box, you will get a blast of fruity, flowery scents. But that is good because each bomb has enough scent, not weak or too much. The variety is different from the usual rose and gardenia. There is, for example, mango and bergamot, blueberry and mint, or lemon and green tea. They are natural and made with Shea butter.
I love my scented baths! The bombs don't dry out my sensitive skin.

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