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Nerve Pain

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This nerve pain cream is formulated to treat nerve pain, including sciatica, this topical ointment can help manage nerve conditions and aid in recovery following surgery. Strong and potent, the nerve pain cream should be applied sparingly every 8 hours as long as the pain persists. Use it to treat sciatic nerve pain in the back or leg, post-op nerve discomfort, nerve pain in the hands or neck nerve pain. This is a patient specific product, more information required

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    Customer Reviews

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    Layla Chloe
    Peaceful nights again

    My nights were awful and disturbed by back pain for years. My wife somehow finds this brilliant effective gel. She does massage me every night and I sleep in peace till morning without any stiffness, stress, or pain. I will recommend this to everyone

    Aria Amer
    no more medication

    I have tried pills with a bad taste and smell some were effective and others were a waste of money. I am grateful that I get rid of those medications and found this amazing formula. One of the best silent therapy for sciatic nerve pain. Works perfectly without disturbing anything.

    Get rid of allergies

    No redness, allergy, or irritation after use. Best for all types of skin and provides a fast remedy to nerve pains. I have to work all day long in the office and after I get up in the evening to leave for home I feel extreme pain and stiffness in my neck. As soon as I reach home I do ask my daughter to massage me with this cream. It is so much necessary to have a good sleep.

    needs of fitness trainers

    As a fitness trainer sometimes it is hard when you are doing the same routine all day all month, I am using this gel for quite a long time it provides great and quick relief. From shoulder aches. Just apply and massage a bit and relax the rest is on it. It also covers stiffness and vein inflammations

    Ella Fera
    relief of back and legs

    Perfect for pain in the back and legs. All natural ingredients with no side effects. Easily applicable. It Penetrates deeply and dissolves instantly. Provides comfort in pins and needles, burning, pain, tingling, and discomfort.

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