Sleep Bath Bomb BOGO

Sleep Bath Bomb BOGO

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Restless and can’t sleep? Keep calm and snooze on. The deep sleep bath bomb you’ll love for relaxation and stress relief before bedtime, this lavender bath bomb infuses bathwater with therapeutic healing oils to ease muscle soreness, tension and inflammation as a blend of natural essential oils indulges the senses with revitalizing aromas. Soothing, calming, stress relieving and relaxing, the sleepy time bath bomb supports peacefulness and balance to prep the mind and body for restful sleep.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lavender Bath Bombs

These bath bombs help to relax me to get a good night's sleep. I wouldn't say they are particularly moisturizing, but they don't dry my skin out either. I can smell the lavender scent without it being too strong. I feel like these bombs are a good value and will continue to purchase them.

Heather Salas
Smells like I’m at the spa!

These bath bombs smell so fantastic and work great in my jacuzzi bathtub. Makes me feel like I’m at the spa. The container they came in would also make these great gifts as well. Will definitely be ordering more when these are gone.

Virginia Adams
The smell of these things are so amazing!

The smell is indescribable hours after taking a bath with one of these. It leaves this faint amazing smell and I’m obsessed!

Tipene Darrow
moisturizing and works well

The extra paper is unnecessary but the bath bombs are very effective in moisturizing and the scent is not too strong which I appreciate. Natural product ingredients are important too.

Issey Ekayaim
Liked this so much

I really liked these. Mine arrived intact and lovely. I didn’t realize that it had coconut oil. I fear that coconut oil may settle out and clog pipes also not sure whether it is ok to use with a septic system. Sad because I really really like these. If only I could divert the occasional bath water drain off, haha.

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