Hydroquin 4%/Tretin 0.05%/Hydrocort 2%
Hydroquinone 4% / Tretinoin 0.05% / Hydrocortisone 2%

Hydroquinone 4% / Tretinoin 0.05% / Hydrocortisone 2%

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This Hydroquinone cream for dark spots is a dark spot lightening cream formulated to also tame inflammation and treat acne. Its the best all-in-one dark spot fade cream to complete a daily skincare regimen for combo skin. Hydroquinone acts as a dark spot eraser and skin lightener to reveal a brighter, lighter, more even complexion, Hydrocortisone reduces swelling and medicinal Tretinoin rids the pores of toxic impurities known to cause breakouts. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Best moisturizing lotion for me

    Love this product! Keeps my skin moisturized for a long time during the winter months. I have super sensitive skin and rosacea; this lotion is nonirritating and once it soaks into the skin it’s not greasy. It feels good and your skin isn’t tight after it’s applied.

    Lexie Hewitt
    Fantastic on My Dry Skin

    I've tried a lot of different products over the years for my dry skin. This moisturizer does wonderful things for me. My skin drinks it up like it was Death Valley. It leaves my skin moisturized and I'm good for a couple of days. I have no reactions to this product and it even calms my skin when I get itchy. It lasts me a while. I'll continue to buy this product because it does what it says it will.

    Fantastic moisturizer for face and body

    This is the absolute best moisturizing cream I have ever used. I have tried them ALL. This event is super nice for my face, which can be sensitive. This is a pretty heavy-feeling moisturizing cream, so don't expect it to absorb really quickly or be light feeling. It is great for my very dry skin and I have abandoned all others for this product.

    Katie Ralston
    Favorite body moisturizer

    I have really sensitive skin and eczema and I’ve tried expensive beauty store moisturizers all the way down to sale products at drugstores. Cerave is the only one that really helps. It’s thick and goes on smoothly and doesn’t make me feel like a greasy mess. I love that it’s nonscented too. I always keep a tub of it in the house so I never run out.

    Winifred Osborne
    Great value and works well.

    I could not afford the fancy stuff at Sephora so I tried this less expensive brand. I have been very well satisfied with the quality and performance of this product. It is gentle on my skin yet effective in clarifying dark areas and rough spots on my face. I wear it under my moisturizers and also bought the trio skincare from this company. Organic skin care at a great price.

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