Facial Aesthetics and Professional Esthetician Guidebook

Facial Aesthetics and Professional Esthetician Guidebook

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Medical care, especially skin and facial treatments, have evolved rapidly over the years. In fact, we’ve moved beyond simple creams and lotions to cover a wide range of therapy and contouring skincare options that offer non-surgical treatments for fine lines, wrinkles, and other anti-aging efforts.

That’s why Kalato Holts, a double-board certified nurse practitioner and professional esthetician, put together an all-inclusive guide on how to employ facial aesthetics in your spa, medical clinical, or other hands-on treatment facility.

In fact, Facial Aesthetics and Professional Esthetician Guidebook provides a clinical-ready manual on how to establish protocols and procedures that protect your business, as well as advanced treatments that support your patients’ very specific needs. 

A multidisciplinary process that covers an entire umbrella of facial aesthetics and skincare therapies this engaging book will cover valuable areas to ensure you’re always a step ahead. As such, estheticians and healthcare providers alike will have the tools and answers needed to make smart, sound assessments and begin to provide therapies that revolutionize their personal practice.

This clinical guide is based on years of hands-on experience and puts you more in control of all your offerings. Inside you’ll find information on:

  • General Facial Aesthetics
  • Managing an Aesthetic-Focused Practice
  • Providing Personalized Care
  • Discussing Skin Assessments
  • Implementing Peels and Acids
  • Establishing Topical Safety Protocols
  • Utilizing Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic Acids
  • BHA
  • Jessner
  • And Much More!

More importantly, in our professional esthetician book you’ll find we’ve covered consent for peels to ensure you’re better prepared (and more confident) when providing therapy for skin around the eyes as well as milia, demarcation, reddening, swelling, discomfort, pigmentation, and general hairline growth.

Complete with sweeping techniques our book, Facial Aesthetics Guide and Professional Esthetician Book for Skincare Experts, provides an in-depth look at other valuable areas, including:

  • Bonus Microdermabrasion Consent
  • Pretreatment Instructions Including Retin-A and SPF
  • Post Treatment Instructions Including Retinoid Acid and SPF
  • Combination Therapies Including Laser Precautions

Be it having a better understanding of HydraFacial benefits, general anti-aging, or balancing skin tone while restoring smoothness, firmness, and elasticity, this is one guide that can help you set your patients’ mind as ease as you navigate their treatment plans.

Make sure you know the answer to any question a patient might have while also feeling more confident in your ability to provide real direction and change when it’s time to transform their skin. Get Facial Aesthetics Guide and Professional Esthetician Book for Skincare Experts today and see why it’s a sought-after esthetician book for beginners and professionals alike.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
complete skin guide

Thanks to the author of this book. They have included a complete and best treatment for the most sensitive part, under the eye. They have also mentioned some basic and practical techniques for hydra facials. It covers most skin issues including spots, scars, and, wrinkles

A rapid learning guide

With rapidly progressing facial aesthetics, you need something to enhance your learning ability with something that is effective, easy to learn, and less time-consuming. This book is all in one package. It has described all the important points of skin procedures but especially salicylic acid. It's a complete and professional guide for beginners as well as experts. Buying this book has been a great help for me in learning about modern Facial procedures.

Silva Rose
All about skin

Understanding skin types, tones, peels, and the working and procedures running behind the system is all there to learn in the book. The causes, the reasons, and the cures are arranged symmetrically to avoid any confusion and errors

A side guide

I am a practitioner nurse and I really needed guidance at this level. There is always a hesitation to ask seniors again and again about the same thing related to different queries. But the way this book is organized it takes me a few seconds for each topic I want to discover or every new layer of facial skin I want to learn about

Danna Q
A once all guide

A once and all complete facial aesthetic treatment guide with unlimited knowledge arranged in a way that there are no hesitations even for the beginners to start practicing the main course. Divided into sections and subsections with pictures and details are generated with time and focus. Appreciate the work

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