IV Hydration – In-Depth Guidance on Supporting Patients with IV Nutrition Therapies

IV Hydration – In-Depth Guidance on Supporting Patients with IV Nutrition Therapies

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Administering IV hydration therapy is quickly becoming an important part of personal patient care. In fact, there are many innovative therapies out there that can help with delivering medications, blood transfusions, various health conditions, as well as simple dehydration. But knowing what’s available, if they’re good for your patient, and how to properly implement are all vital areas that you should know if you plan to employ them in your personal or professional practice.

IV Hydration is an in-depth guide on understanding it all, so you can be a more skilled and educated care provider ready to add another valuable tool to your medical bag. 

Developed by Kalato Holts, a double-board certified nurse practitioner with more than 25 years of hands-on expertise, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to best serve your patient. 

From clinical advice to trade secrets to best practices this IV therapy book is an intimate medical guide that includes tons of information to help you succeed, such as:

  • Identifying Potential Patients
  • Learning About Available IV Nutritional Products
  • Understanding Interactions Between Supplements and Patient Care
  • Interpreting Patient Conditions Through Serum and Saliva Testing
  • Safely Administering IV Nutritional Therapies
  • Exploring Dosing Guidelines and Possible Contradictions
  • Managing Complications Associated with Procedures
  • Navigating Guidelines, Administrative Issues, and FDA Oversight Considerations
  • And Other Valuable Areas Such as Proper Techniques, Protocols, and “Pearls” of Wisdom

For nurses, CNAs, and other medical practitioners out there you should know this isn’t just about how to cure hangovers. It’s about alleviating pain, detoxing the body, increasing fitness performance, reducing recovery times, and so many other valuable areas that revolve around everyday patient care.

We’ve cover a variety of important topics to help you rise to the top of the IV therapy field, so you can feel comfortable in confident in your care while providing patients with exceptional options that promote good health. In our IV infusion therapy book you’ll find information on regularity guidelines, osmolarity, IV compounding, policies and procedures, clinical forms, real-world patient experiences, vendors and supplies, standard protocols, and so much more.

If you’re ready to learn all about IV hydration therapy, IV vitamin therapy, and how to make them part of your day-to-day practice, this is the most important IV book to add to your studies today.

Clinical medicine is an artform and IV therapy is no different. Make sure you’ve got all the information you need to employ it safely and successful by learning directly from a licensed practitioner and professional instructor who can put you on the right path to success starting from day one. Get IV Hydration – In-Depth Guidance on Supporting Patients with IV Nutrition Therapies today and be better prepared for this new and growing addition to medical care. This is a patient specific product, more information required


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Morris. V
Need of every medical teacher

I am a teacher of medical general healthcare and someone suggested me this book. This single book not only added extensive knowledge to my brain but also make me understand and teach patient care procedures, steps, and guidelines in a way that every single aspect could be cared for and cured

A complete patient care guide

What else you can say is a complete patient care guide. This book has no comparison. From understanding, diagnosing, and caring to provide the most suitable and useful medication or supplement to the patients, this book holds your hands in every condition and situation you need assistance.

Alexis Gerald
Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of wisdom are the most attractive thing in the description of this book and this is a true statement about the knowledge shared in the book. I am practicing as a nurse and my senior gave me this marvelous book which O regret not having beforehand.

medicine dosing a magic

I am surprised that the medicine dosing is so much precise work. The direction provided in this book to understand the dosing and implement on each type of patient is something that can either be get with this kind of book or with years of practice and experience. I am thankful to the researchers and creators to provide this beautiful gift

understanding the patients made easy!

A very perfectly designed guide to understanding the patient for selecting the best possible treatment available to help the patient. Understanding the condition of the patient through serum and saliva is a next-level thing to get an instant medical history of the patient. A great must-have guide

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