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Don’t let that time of the month slow you down. Topical PMS is a premenstrual aid formulated to ease period symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness, mood swings and irritability. Use the treatment to release tension, reduce period cramps and fight food cravings that are common as your hormonally body prepares to menstruate. This is a patient specific product, more information required

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Customer Reviews

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Jenifer John

While I am well past the age of needing this, I keep a box on hand so I have it ready to offer to someone who might need it. Serious PMS pain and discomfort are real and Semaine PMS & Period Support makes a real difference. I don’t keep Midol or Ibuprofen on hand for these young women, because I have heard again and again about the effectiveness of Semaine. That's what I keep for them!

Annabelle Charlotte
A must-have for managing my period

I've been taking Semaine PMS & Period Support capsules for over a year now, to help manage my periods. I have found them particularly helpful in reducing cramps and bloating. I've been learning some interesting things lately about inflammation and its long-term effects on the body, so I really appreciate that this supplement helps to reduce inflammation. I also appreciate that these supplements are backed by legitimate science and clinical trials, something that most other supplements can't boast. Finally, Semaine's social media posts and emails are full of helpful information -- definitely subscribe!

Nahxenahj Tubat
Finally relief with a natural product!! So happy!

My friend's daughter has always had super painful periods, so much so that she'd have to miss school as a teenager and now work as an adult. Her mom was always worried about the number of over-the-counter pain meds she would have to take the week of her period so I thought I would give her a box to try to see if something more natural could help. We were all shocked: this was her first period where she had way less pain than even when she takes ibuprofen. We hope that the next cycle is just as easy!

PMDD relief

This supplement is a life changer. I suffered from severe PMDD (PMS) to the point where it was ruling my life in a very undesirable way. I've been taking this supplement for 5 months and oh my God, what a difference it made! I don't feel like Hulk anymore, who wants to rage, smash and destroy. I am finally calm and balanced. Thanks to this small pill.

Grace Allan
These are golden

I have severe PMDD, I was taking serotonin pills and mood stabilizers for my PMDD, they were NOT WORKING, so I wanted to go to a natural alternative. Let me tell you, these are a life saver, I still have very mild mild mood swings but not as much as I had before. I usually have extreme fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and depression, but when I started taking these I had more energy and a calmer mood. I will be ordering these every month, and I’ve thrown away my other medications. Go natural ladies I promise it is worth it!

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