Dexamethasone Cream
Dexamethasone Cream
Dexamethasone Cream

Dexamethasone Cream

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Dexamethasone This dexamethasone cream is a topical corticosteroid cream formulated to relieve redness, swelling and itching among those experiencing symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, keloids and other bothersome skin conditions. Hydrating, repairing and fast-absorbing, the medicated dexamethasone face cream gently activates natural substances in the skin to help ease inflammation, reduce puffiness and brighten the complexion so that it’s protected against hyperpigmentation. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ayla sid
relief for a harsh skin

I am so relieved to have this product seriously. It is not harsh on my skin at all and gives my skin a soothing, hydrating glow. I also found it so effective in reducing redness and puffiness. I was so concerned to buy this product but now I will definitely recommend it.

works on dry skin

I've had very dry skin, especially washing my face. It is indeed a very good product and it really helped me to deal with my dryness. It also cured my skin which had been damaged due to itching. My skin now looks smooth and bumps-free. Satisfied..!

Raelynn Clara

I have been using it for a while and trust me it has very effective results. It is very soothing for redness and itching. It hydrates my skin as soon as applied and thus there is no itching anymore. You don't need to rub hard into your skin as it has been made for sensitive skin.

perfectly hydrated

It is so much hydrating which is the key property of this product. It brightened my complexion and turned out amazingly effective to relieve the redness. It's just not a beauty product but a complete treatment for severe skin problems. A must have.

Janet Chua
effective to smooth itchiness

In a case of allergy to mosquito bites, this Cortizone-10, along with doctor's prescribed drugs, has effectively removed pain and itchiness on the skin. Good stuff, indeed.

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