Quick Start Business Essentials Ebook

Quick Start Business Essentials Ebook

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Quick-read Guide Perfect for Anyone Starting a New Business. Ideal for Small Business Owners Who Want Smart Answers, Proven Solutions, and Intelligent Methods for Success

* Are you starting or in a new business that is struggling to find customers, manage employees, pay taxes, or meet industry standards?

* Worried you could be making costly mistakes that will delay profits and even risk your business?

* Wondering what you are missing, what is needed for success, and how to get the things you want?

Business Quick Start ebook clearly guides you through all the knowledge, methods, and skills a new business requires. Written by an experienced business owner who documents lessons learned for a short book filled with wisdom that can save you from a fortune in trial, error, and hard knocks.

Quick Start Topics Include:

• Business formation

Business Credit

• Trademarking

• EIN for taxes

• Business credentialing

• Human resources

• Website design

• Logo creation


• Branding

• Policy procedure

• Standard operation manuals

• Protocols

* Advertising

This succinctly covers everything from establishing your business to paying taxes, getting credentialed, creating your standard operation manuals, and advertising and marketing in today's modern online world.

The Ebook offers 19 pages with 10 pages of Standard Operating Procedures. 

The author is a healthcare professional and owner of Beaute’ & Holts Healthcare Pain & Wellness.  With 24 years of clinical experience in the aesthetics, medical, and wellness industry, she shares insider knowledge from the mind of one medical professional to another. 

She knows all the lingo, best practices, pain points, triumphs, and through processes behind learning a new skill in the medical industry.

Each SOP includes procedural instructions, alternative procedures, risk of infections, common side effects: bleeding, bruising, pain discomfort, acne-like eruptions, skin lumpiness, visible tissue filler, asymmetry, skin sensitivity, systemic infection, damage to deep structures, scarring, granulomas, skin disorders, allergic reactions, skin necrosis, unsatisfactory results, unknown risk, combination procedures, drug interactions, and long-term effects.

Staff development includes training/education requirements, competencies, practice setting, and supervision of staff.

Staff tools include: skin assessment tools, treatment record, documentation, medical history forms, pre-treatment and post treatment forms for patient communication

Don't Go It Alone

Planning, starting, and working a new business can be a very exciting time. Your dream is finally coming true. But learning all the things required can be confusing and frustrating. 

The Web is filled with conflicting information, copied ideas, and lots of stuff that's just plain false. Many new owners get overloaded with endless articles and lengthy business books without much to show for all their time and effort.

That's why the author created this quick read 19 page guide to business essentials along with 10 pages of operating procedures for medical industry businesses.

This not only gives you valuable focus, but helps eliminate all the faulty information offered elsewhere.

This is the essential business start-up knowledge, methods, and advice you need to make your new business a resounding success. Complete with a face to face meeting to help sharpen your plan, answer questions, and solve problems. This is a patient specific product, more information required 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Orlando Jay
a symmetrical data plan

Searching the internet for business plans and ideas made me overloaded with multiple things mixed up in my mind, I just bought this guide to check if this is the same thing or something different and I am surprised by the way each and every procedure and step to start a business is arranged in this book. If you are not even having much knowledge this will boost you up and will push you to take the risk and be succeeded

Stuart Gerald
Noooo more fear

I was always hesitant and afraid of starting a new business, Until I read this book I was unaware that starting a business could be that much interesting and easy. The author is having a lot of expertise and experience and now delivering it to the people to understand and take steps to start. The way it is designed and directed is literally amazing and worth praising. Keep up the good work. Appreciated and recommended

Nick Ted
understand to maintain

I started an online freelancing business a year ago and it has grown greatly now as I am having more than 30 employees. I had the knowledge of the work but not of managing the employees and their behaviors towards the job until I came across this universal guide to act wisely at any stage of the business you are standing at, Sops, policies directions, and all those things required to help maintain a business.

A book and a guide

Who else can guide your business than a book, keeping secrets for years? It has all the knowledge about rules, regulations, procedures, and all that you need to understand before entering into a new business. Great work author and greatly structured

A dream come true

Entrepreneurship was my dream, and opening an online store is something I was working on for years but was afraid of risking my money and time altogether, This guide was suggested to me by someone and I took it easy as other guides until I started reading and completed first 10 pages. Not only the interest kept building but unintentionally my way of thinking to design the business started to change positively and now I have already started the work

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