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Let it be known red, itchy skin has seen its last days. A rosacea treatment that helps tighten blood vessels in the skin, this topical reduces redness, puffiness and itching with or without the accompaniment of a laser treatment. Apply the topical to your face, chest or neck to calm and prevent flare ups .

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Customer Reviews

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Rocio Kaitlyn
Great results !

The rosacea on my face is less noticeable and my skin is softer and brighter. I use this as the moisturizer in my skincare routine, it leaves my face feeling great. It’s a little thicker so a little goes a long way and it is not greasy. Other moisturizers I’ve tried irritate my skin but this calms instead. The scent isn’t the most pleasant but it’s not bad. Almost like a playdough scent. It doesn’t last long and the results are remarkable. (I use a gentle cleanser, serum, and this as the moisturizer-no toner)

Latoya Hamblin
Most important to know is that the product works good on my skin.

I like how it feels to my skin. I haven't used it long enough to know how it will do in the long run. I use it on my face after I shave because my face turns very red.

Heather Miranda
It's practically a miracle

every day in the morning, it is my routine to wash my face and put on my cream, then my makeup, since it was impossible to go out without makeup because my face was full of rashes and red, and I had already used winds of products, I have more than 5 years with rosacea. One day when I washed my face I felt that I was touching a face that was not mine (soft without pimples, smooth) it is the best cream, the price is worth it, and it is even cheap for the security and self-esteem that has returned to me...
In the end, the brokenness of the lid went into the background, only if they should put it in a box since it came alone in the envelope

Angelica Paredes
The Best!

I want everyone to know that I am 75 and just got rosacea about three months. I have tried everything from my dermatologist giving me two prescriptions that dried my skin to a desert-like face. I hated that and then the itch that drove me crazy. I wanted to claw the skin on my face at night. I think God lead me to this product, honestly! No more itch and the redness is starting to diminish. It leaves my face as noxzema did in the 60s. That was all we had basically back then. So nice matte finishes and it does have a faint earthy honey smell that fades away. It works for me, but I can’t speak for everyone, just use it awhile and see. I only have mild rosacea with broken capillaries beneath my cheeks. So I am extremely happy about this product!

Andrea Lujan
Just try it!

I was skeptical about spending money on yet another product that would not work but I was pretty desperate with my last flare of rosacea! First, I am pretty sensitive and while this has a bit of a smell (reminds me of tootsie rolls!), it did not bother me at all. Secondly, I have problems with dryness at times. Sometimes, the manuka honey is all I need, other times I do use a mild moisturizer but the manuka honey itself does not cause dry skin. Within a week, HUGE change in my skin! Still had some redness but it was not so inflamed. And I can't believe how smooth it makes my skin feel! You get a lot in the jar, a little goes a long way - it really is a good value so if you are on the fence? Just give it a try!

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