Ketamine Course by Kalato Holts

Ketamine Mind Body Therapy E-Book with Policies, Procedures, SOP

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With over 25 years of clinical experience and an impressive resume featuring a double-board certification in family and aesthetics, nurse practitioner Kalato Holts is the right person to teach you all about ketamine. Used in many different types of therapies, ketamine is a powerful substance that can reveal a very different reality.

This e-book is ready to teach you all about ketamine psychedelic therapy and provides excellent support to well-experienced professionals interested in providing treatment in the context of a joint collaboration of medical and psychological skill sets. 

Why are ketamine treatments so popular? Because they are a way of producing varying degrees of mildly altered consciousness, which can help with TRD and other psychological conditions. As the only legally available psychedelic integration medicine, ketamine can produce excellent results and is relatively easy to integrate into the day-to-day life. 

Ketamine Course E-Book – Discover All Procedures

This ketamine therapy book is developed specifically for well-trained medical experts who want to upgrade their medical knowledge and provide a proper solution to their patients. Within its 90 pages, this psychedelic therapy book provides complete and accurate information on policies, procedures, supplies, vendors, front office documents to run a profitable business, assessment tools, and  over 400 page SOP. 

Each SOP includes procedural instructions, alternative procedures, risk of infections, and common side effects. Additionally, staff development features training/education requirements, competencies, practice settings, and supervision of staff.

Why is this activity ketamine book a must-have for medical professionals?

  • Designed by a medical professional
  • Ideal for MDs, DOs, naturopathic physicians, and FNPs, as well as psychotherapists
  • Complete and accurate information
  • The e-book offers a foundation for utilizing the unique properties of ketamine as a therapeutic methodology 
  • Developed for experts in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, nurses, hospice, palliative care
  • Features advanced staff tools, staff development resources, and SOP
  • Includes procedural instructions, alternative procedures, education requirements, competencies, practice setting, documentation, medical history forms, and pre-treatment and post-treatment forms for patient communication
  • Promotes safe and secure therapeutic procedures

Find out everything about ketamine with our comprehensive Ketamine Course e-book! This is a patient specific product, more information required

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
One book all details

I have never ever seen this many details and procedures to understand and apply in a single book. Thanks to the creators to share this knowledge with us it has all the information you are in search of and can book your knowledge about ketamine to a great percentage. I love the portion where it defines the risk of infections and the possible precautions and treatment.

All in One Guide

It has made it easy to understand the nature and condition of the patients as well as guide them in a way that they do not feel heavy to go under the procedure. It is surely a mixture and final result of practice, research, and knowledge of a lot of years together. It is not only suitable for understanding and applying the policies and safety standards to the patients but also teaches you to hot to run your business properly

powerful yet simple guide

This a simple yet powerful guide to help you understand the procedure, instructions, and knowledge of the work without errors. I have spread the knowledge in my hospital and all of them are reading this guide to maintain a zero-error work procedure.

L. Ethan
An addition to knowledge

I thought I am having complete knowledge of what I needed to be an expert ketamine specialist. But amazingly and surprisingly this book has changed my vision about it. Gathering that amount of knowledge and putting it into this small book is superb and done precisely.

Ramon Nath
A hospital within a book!

It is a hospital within the book. What great and professional written work. It requires years of practice and knowledge to get to this level and to teach all of that in a single piece book is already an art. Since I started reading this my knowledge is doubled and I am more confident to guide my patients about upcoming issues and the treatment for that

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